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Contact for Pushkar Hotel Govindgarh Road, Kishanpura Village, Pushkar, 305022

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    The infamy of the disease can be gauged from the fact that an Act is dedicated to just the disease, called the Glanders and Farcy Act. “The latest outbreak is a result of mules being used in brick kilns at Uttar Pradesh. The mules were brought back to Dholpur here the first case was reported in recent times. It then spread to Udaipur and Rajsamand. The disease spreads from equines to humans hence it is very dangerous. An incident was reported in Kishangarh last mont,h” said Bhawani Singh Rathore, additional director, animal husbandry department.

    The animal husbandry department has made an appeal to breeders and equine keepers to abide by the orders as it is in their benefit.



    Govindgarh Road, Kishanpura Village, Pushkar, 305022

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