Prominent Temples in Pushkar:

Brahmaji-Temple-Pushkar Jagat Pitta Shri Brahma temple : The Jagat Pitta Shri Brahma temple is built to commemorate Lord Brahma, who is believed to be the creator of this universe according to the sacred Hindu literature.
Gautama Maharishi temple : Gautama Maharishi was a Rigvedic sage in Hinduism, and also finds mentions in Jainism and Buddhism. Maharishi-Gautam-Temple-Pus
Pap-Mochani-Gayatri-temple Paap Mochani Gayatri : The sunrise views over town from Pap Mochani (Gayatri) Temple, reached by a track behind the Marwar bus stand, are well worth the 30-minute climb.
The Sri Sawai Bhoj Temple : Shri Devnarayan, an ancient Gurjar warrior from Rajasthan who is believed to have been an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The-Sri-Sawai-Bhoj-Temple-p
Varaha-Temple-Pushkar Varaha Temple : A land famous for relics of the glorious Royal dynasties of old days in the form of palaces, forts and temples. This temple is to God Vishnu. It is one of the most visited temples in Pushkar city. It is said that Lord Vishnu gave a visit to this area to kill an atrocious demon Hirnayaksha.
Atemteshwar Mahadev Temple : Apteshwar Temple is a perfect blend of splendid architecture and spiritual importance thus attracting both tourists as well as devotees. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mahadeva or Lord Shiva. … Mahadeva Temple is considered one of the finest temples in and around Pushkar. Apteshwar-Mahadev-Temple-Pu
 Savitri-Temple-Pushkar-Raja Savitri temple : Savitri Temple located on the Ratnagiri hills, Pushkar. This popular pilgrimage destination is dedicated lo Lord Brahma’s wife Goddess Savitri.
108 Mahadev Mandir : It has a very beautiful inner sanctum having lord shiva’s idol similar to pashupatinath temple. the inner sanctum is surrounded by 108 small shiva idols. Pashupatinath-Temple-108-Ma
 Rangji-Temple-Pushkar-Rajas Temple of Rangji (New and Old) or Shri Vaikunthnathji : Shri Ranganatha Venugopal Mandir (old), popularly known as Purana (old) Rangji Mandir is one of the oldest temple complexes in Pushkar built in 1844 AD.
Man Mahal : The Man Mahal Pushkar is one of the greatest palaces of Pushkar. Built as a guest house of Raja Man Singh I, the palace is one of the most attractive spot to visit in Pushkar. Man-Mahal-Pushkar-Rajasthan
 Gurudwara-Singh-Sabha-Pushk Gurudwara Singh Sabha : Gurdwara Singh Sabha – Pushkar or Pushkar Raj, a temple town around a natural lake, is 13 kilometres from Ajmer, to which it is connected by road. Pushkar was visited by Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh.